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Taft, CaseyPerson Why?
Interpersonal RelationsConcept Why?
Vogt, DawnePerson Why?
Rothman, EmilyPerson Why?
"Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel": coping with sex work in intimate relationships and its implications for HIV/STI prevention.Academic Article Why?
"I know your pain": proximal and distal predictors of pain detection accuracy.Academic Article Why?
"Rare place where I feel normal": Perceptions of a social support conference among parents of and people with Moebius syndrome.Academic Article Why?
"Telling my husband I have HIV is too heavy to come out of my mouth": pregnant women's disclosure experiences and support needs following antenatal HIV testing in eastern Uganda.Academic Article Why?
A "Jekyll and Hyde" within: aggressive versus friendly interactions in REM and non-REM dreams.Academic Article Why?
A critical review of theories to explain violent relationship termination: implications for research and intervention.Academic Article Why?
A general enhancement of autonomic and cortisol responses during social evaluative threat.Academic Article Why?
A multilevel examination of interpartner intimate partner violence and psychological aggression reporting concordance.Academic Article Why?
A pilot evaluation of the efficacy of a couple-tailored print intervention on colorectal cancer screening practices among non-adherent couples.Academic Article Why?
A review of generalization in social skills training: suggestions for future research.Academic Article Why?
A study of the relational aspects of the culture of academic medicine.Academic Article Why?
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