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Boehmer, UlrikePerson Why?
Experiences and Concerns of Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual Survivors of Colorectal Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Gay Acres: Sexual Orientation Differences in Health Indicators Among Rural and Nonrural Individuals.Academic Article Why?
Gender nonconformity and psychological distress in lesbians and gay men.Academic Article Why?
Promoting the well-being of children whose parents are gay or lesbian.Academic Article Why?
Representation of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people in clinical cancer trials.Academic Article Why?
Obama and the gays: A political marriageAcademic Article Why?
Caring for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth in Inclusive and Affirmative Environments.Academic Article Why?
Boy Scouts of America policy on homosexuality.Academic Article Why?
Evidence of familial nature of male homosexuality.Academic Article Why?
Familial aspects of male homosexuality.Academic Article Why?
The phobic theory of male homosexuality.Academic Article Why?
Childhood sexual abuse, alcohol use, and PTSD symptoms as predictors of adult sexual assault among lesbians and gay men.Academic Article Why?
Practice parameter on gay, lesbian, or bisexual sexual orientation, gender nonconformity, and gender discordance in children and adolescents.Academic Article Why?
The prevalence of sexual assault against people who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual in the United States: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
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