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Association of COX-2 promoter polymorphism with gastrointestinal tract cancer in Iran.Academic Article Why?
Cholangitis and subsequent gastrointestinal cancer risk: a Danish population-based cohort study.Academic Article Why?
Gastrointestinal cancer surveillance by optical sensing.Academic Article Why?
Long-term risk of gastrointestinal cancers in persons with gastric or duodenal ulcers.Academic Article Why?
Radiation therapy for gastrointestinal cancer.Academic Article Why?
Transcription factor YY1 expression in human gastrointestinal cancer cells.Academic Article Why?
Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding And Risk of Gastrointestinal Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Section II: Current Approaches to Treating Localized Gastrointestinal Cancers.Academic Article Why?
Gastrointestinal NeoplasmsConcept Why?
Radiation Therapy Oncology Group. Research Plan 2002-2006. Gastrointestinal Cancer Committee.Academic Article Why?
Hartshorn, KevanPerson Why?
Body mass index change in gastrointestinal cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is associated with Dedicator of Cytokinesis 1.Academic Article Why?
Sorensen, HenrikPerson Why?
Weber, H.Person Why?
Farraye FA, series editor. Curbside Consultations in Gastrointestinal CancersAcademic Article Why?
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