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Pokines, JamesPerson Why?
Forensic Anthropology Department Why?
Forensic AnthropologyConcept Why?
Moore, TaraPerson Why?
Dadour, IanPerson Why?
A large-scale dataset of single and mixed-source short tandem repeat profiles to inform human identification strategies: PROVEDIt.Academic Article Why?
A global study of forensically significant calliphorids: implications for identification.Academic Article Why?
A new method for estimating age-at-death from the first rib.Academic Article Why?
A preliminary investigation of the stages of adipocere formation.Academic Article Why?
Discriminant function sexing of the mandible of indigenous South Africans.Academic Article Why?
Mandibular morphology as an indicator of human subadult age: geometric morphometric approaches.Academic Article Why?
Mitochondrial DNA cytochrome oxidase I gene: potential for distinction between immature stages of some forensically important fly species (Diptera) in western Australia.Academic Article Why?
Sexual dimorphism in the subadult mandible: quantification using geometric morphometrics.Academic Article Why?
Taphonomic Effects of Mechanical Plowing on Buried Juvenile-Sized Remains.Academic Article Why?
Marks, MurrayPerson Why?
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