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Fluorescence polarization assays to measure interactions between Ga subunits of heterotrimeric G proteins and regulatory motifs.Academic Article Why?
Synthesis and fluorescence polarization analysis of an organomercurial derivative of actin.Academic Article Why?
Fluorescence PolarizationConcept Why?
Fluorescence Polarization ImmunoassayConcept Why?
Discovery of PF-06928215 as a high affinity inhibitor of cGAS enabled by a novel fluorescence polarization assay.Academic Article Why?
Delineating melanoma using multimodal polarized light imaging.Academic Article Why?
Disorder Amidst Membrane Order: Standardizing Laurdan Generalized Polarization and Membrane Fluidity Terms.Academic Article Why?
Marintchev, AssenPerson Why?
Zakharov, MikhailPerson Why?
Garcia-Marcos, MikelPerson Why?
Maziarz, MarcinPerson Why?
Hamilton, JamesPerson Why?
Jay, AnthonyPerson Why?
Integrin alphaIIbbeta3:ligand interactions are linked to binding-site remodeling.Academic Article Why?
Whitty, AdrianPerson Why?
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