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Detection of macrophage activity in atherosclerosis in vivo using multichannel, high-resolution laser scanning fluorescence microscopy.Academic Article Why?
X-ray fluorescence microscopy reveals the role of selenium in spermatogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Boas, DavidPerson Why?
Measuring Nanoparticle Polarizability Using Fluorescence Microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Efficient non-degenerate two-photon excitation for fluorescence microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Monitoring the Real-Time Binding of Tropomyosin to Actin using Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence MicroscopyAcademic Article Why?
Microscopy, FluorescenceConcept Why?
Microscopy, Fluorescence, MultiphotonConcept Why?
Cornwall, M.Person Why?
A time domain fluorescence tomography system for small animal imaging.Academic Article Why?
Automatic Graph-Based Modeling of Brain Microvessels Captured With Two-Photon Microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Bullous tinea pedis with direct immunofluorescence positivity: when is a positive result not autoimmune bullous disease?Academic Article Why?
Comparison of frequency-domain and time-domain fluorescence lifetime tomography.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of simplified Monte Carlo simulation and diffusion approximation for the fluorescence signal from phantoms with typical mouse tissue optical properties.Academic Article Why?
Fluorescence optical diffusion tomography using multiple-frequency data.Academic Article Why?
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