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A flow cytometry-based assay for quantifying non-plaque forming strains of yellow fever virus.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of surface density of expression of molecules by flow cytometry.Academic Article Why?
Cellometer vision as an alternative to flow cytometry for cell cycle analysis, mitochondrial potential, and immunophenotyping.Academic Article Why?
Flow cytometry as a prognostic indicator in women with borderline epithelial ovarian tumors.Academic Article Why?
Measurement of phagocytosis and of the phagosomal environment in polymorphonuclear phagocytes by flow cytometry.Academic Article Why?
Protein-tyrosine kinase activity and pp60v-src expression in whole cells measured by flow cytometry.Academic Article Why?
Quantification of total T-cell receptor diversity by flow cytometry and spectratyping.Academic Article Why?
Rapid determination of cell-associated tumor necrosis factor production by flow cytometry.Academic Article Why?
Statistical mixture modeling for cell subtype identification in flow cytometry.Academic Article Why?
Snyder-Cappione , JenniferPerson Why?
Belkina, AnnaPerson Why?
Flow: Statistics, visualization and informatics for flow cytometry.Academic Article Why?
Flow CytometryConcept Why?
Flow Cytometry Core FacilityDepartment Why?
Three-color flow cytometry in the diagnosis of malignant lymphoma based on the comparative cell morphology of lymphoma cells and reactive lymphocytes.Academic Article Why?
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