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Addressing parental smoking in pediatrics and family practice: a national survey of parents.Academic Article Why?
Continuing education for family practice.Academic Article Why?
Family practice and general internal medicine: what kind of cooperation makes sense?Academic Article Why?
Family practice: a view from the future.Academic Article Why?
Geriatric education and practice of family practice graduates: an alumni survey.Academic Article Why?
Obstetrics and family practice: report of the expert panel on the content of prenatal care.Academic Article Why?
Obstetrics in family practice.Academic Article Why?
Psychosocial training in U.S. internal medicine and family practice residency programs.Academic Article Why?
Stressors and psychological symptoms of family practice residents and spouses.Academic Article Why?
The communication patterns of internal medicine and family practice physicians.Academic Article Why?
The core content of a generalist curriculum for general internal medicine, family practice, and pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
The rheumatology knowledge and skills of trainees in internal medicine and family practice.Academic Article Why?
Organizing the Primary Care Team; Development of Family Practice in Romania, Use of Practice GuidelinesAcademic Article Why?
The spectrum of otitis media in family practice.Academic Article Why?
Implementing Practice Guideline in Romania Family Practice. BullentinAcademic Article Why?
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