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Anthropology, CulturalConcept Why?
Laird, LancePerson Why?
Fix, GemmaePerson Why?
More than just "interesting!" Anthropology, health and human rights.Academic Article Why?
Perceiving falls within a family context: a focused ethnographic approach.Academic Article Why?
Portraying Islam and Muslims in MEDLINE: a content analysis.Academic Article Why?
The relevance of anthropology for tropical public health: a historical perspective.Academic Article Why?
Children''s fairness in two Chinese schools: A combined ethnographic and experimental study.Academic Article Why?
Ethnographic interviews to elicit patients' reactions to an intelligent interactive telephone health behavior advisor system.Academic Article Why?
Father and childbirth: an anthropological perspective.Academic Article Why?
Natural mentors and youth drinking: a qualitative study of Mexican youths.Academic Article Why?
Paths of reentry: employment experiences of injured workers.Academic Article Why?
Perceived Control and Aging: A Mini-Review and Directions for Future Research.Academic Article Why?
The forum. The challenges of cross-cultural research in the international setting.Academic Article Why?
Barnes, LindaPerson Why?
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