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Annas, GeorgePerson Why?
Grodin, MichaelPerson Why?
Hospital Ethics Committees, Consultants, and Courts.Academic Article Why?
Made in the U.S.A.: legal and ethical issues in artificial heart experimentation.Academic Article Why?
Conducting research with children: legal and ethical issues.Academic Article Why?
Ethical issues in the use of zidovudine to reduce vertical transmission of HIV.Academic Article Why?
Ethical issues in AIDS research.Academic Article Why?
Business vs. medical ethics: conflicting standards for managed care.Academic Article Why?
Incorporating ethical principles into clinical research protocols: a tool for protocol writers and ethics committees.Academic Article Why?
Ethical issues associated with globalization of placebo-controlled in pulmonary arterial hypertension.Academic Article Why?
Ethical issues in perinatology--the rights of the fetus and newborn.Academic Article Why?
Beyond medical ethics: new directions for philosophy and medicine.Academic Article Why?
Ethics committees in neonatal care: substantive protection or procedural diversion?Academic Article Why?
Ethics in global health research: the need for balance.Academic Article Why?
Family practice grand rounds: medical ethics and consent.Academic Article Why?
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