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A global characterization and identification of multifunctional enzymes.Academic Article Why?
Discovery of a novel and rich source of gluten-degrading microbial enzymes in the oral cavity.Academic Article Why?
Enzyme electrokinetics: using protein film voltammetry to investigate redox enzymes and their mechanisms.Academic Article Why?
Purification and properties of the ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes Cdc34 and Ubc13.Mms2.Academic Article Why?
The prokaryotic Mo/W-bisPGD enzymes family: a catalytic workhorse in bioenergetic.Academic Article Why?
Genome-wide association study identifies loci influencing concentrations of liver enzymes in plasma.Academic Article Why?
Borrelidin induces the transcription of amino acid biosynthetic enzymes via a GCN4-dependent pathway.Academic Article Why?
Allen, KarenPerson Why?
Pectic enzymes in lemon peel infected by Geotrichum candidumAcademic Article Why?
A histochemical study of corneal respiratory enzymes.Academic Article Why?
A revised endosymbiont hypothesis to explain the bacterial origin of amebic glycolytic and fermentation enzymes.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol consumption and serum liver-derived enzymes in a Danish population aged 30-50 years.Academic Article Why?
An unusual role for a mobile flavin in StaC-like indolocarbazole biosynthetic enzymes.Academic Article Why?
Analytic study of three-dimensional single cell migration with and without proteolytic enzymes.Academic Article Why?
Association of mitochondrial antioxidant enzymes with mitochondrial DNA as integral nucleoid constituents.Academic Article Why?
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