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Using inequality measures to incorporate environmental justice into regulatory analyses.Academic Article Why?
Environmental justice and just transition.Academic Article Why?
Levy, JonathanPerson Why?
Health Effects and Environmental Justice Concerns of Exposure to Uranium in Drinking Water.Academic Article Why?
Moving environmental justice indoors: understanding structural influences on residential exposure patterns in low-income communities.Academic Article Why?
Whatever Works: Legal Tactics and Scientific Evidence in Environmental Justice CasesAcademic Article Why?
Environmental Justice and Just Transitions (editorial)Academic Article Why?
Agreement with inequality axioms and perceptions of inequality among environmental justice and risk assessment professionalsAcademic Article Why?
Perceptions of inequality among environmental justice and risk assessment professionalsAcademic Article Why?
"No justice, no peace" and the right to self-determination: an interview with Gary Grant and Naeema Muhammed of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network.Academic Article Why?
Scammell, MadeleinePerson Why?
Epidemiologically-informed cumulative risk hypertension models simulating the impact of changes in metal, organochlorine, and non-chemical exposures in an environmental justice community.Academic Article Why?
Self-rated health and its association with perceived environmental hazards, the social environment, and cultural stressors in an environmental justice population.Academic Article Why?
Consumption of Contaminated Seafood in an Environmental Justice Community: A Qualitative and Spatial Analysis of Fishing Controls.Academic Article Why?
Maximizing health benefits and minimizing inequality: incorporating local-scale data in the design and evaluation of air quality policies.Academic Article Why?
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