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p75NTR antagonistic cyclic peptide decreases the size of beta amyloid-induced brain inflammation.Academic Article Why?
Japanese encephalitis vaccine for travelers: risk-benefit reconsidered.Academic Article Why?
Japanese encephalitis associated acute encephalitis syndrome cases in West Bengal, India: A sero-molecular evaluation in relation to clinico-pathological spectrum.Academic Article Why?
Poor performance of two rapid immunochromatographic assays for anti-Japanese encephalitis virus immunoglobulin M detection in cerebrospinal fluid and serum from patients with suspected Japanese encephalitis virus infection in Laos.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics of Travelers to Asia Requiring Multidose Vaccine Schedules: Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies Prevention.Academic Article Why?
Detection of Japanese Encephalitis Virus RNA in Human Throat Samples in Laos - A Pilot study.Academic Article Why?
Japanese encephalitis: vaccine options and timing of pre-travel vaccination.Academic Article Why?
Pre-cut Filter Paper for Detecting Anti-Japanese Encephalitis Virus IgM from Dried Cerebrospinal Fluid Spots.Academic Article Why?
An In-Vivo Investigation of Brain Inflammation in Gulf War Illness with Integrated PET/MR ImagingGrant Why?
Newton, PaulPerson Why?
How many patients with anti-JEV IgM in cerebrospinal fluid really have Japanese encephalitis?Academic Article Why?
[Zoster encephalitis. Clinical study].Academic Article Why?
Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis with paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity: an under-recognized association?Academic Article Why?
Association of Batai Virus Infection and Encephalitis in Harbor Seals, Germany, 2016.Academic Article Why?
Autoimmune Encephalitis Secondary to Melanoma.Academic Article Why?
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