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Good treatment outcomes among foreigners receiving antiretroviral therapy in Johannesburg, South Africa.Academic Article Why?
Crosby, SondraPerson Why?
Substance use disorders among first- and second- generation immigrant adults in the United States: evidence of an immigrant paradox?Academic Article Why?
Border Babies - Medical Ethics and Human Rights in Immigrant Detention Centers.Academic Article Why?
Breastfeeding and health outcomes among citizen infants of immigrant mothers.Academic Article Why?
Bullying Victimization Among School-Aged Immigrant Youth in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Combatting Fear Through Timely, Participatory Approaches to Immigrant Health Research: Response to Byhoff et al.Academic Article Why?
Depression in Latino and Immigrant Refugee Youth: Clinical Opportunities and Considerations.Academic Article Why?
Evidence for the healthy immigrant effect in older Chinese immigrants: a cross-sectional study.Academic Article Why?
Learning from UJAMBO: Perspectives on Gynecologic Care in African Immigrant and Refugee Women in Boston, Massachusetts.Academic Article Why?
Maternal immigrant status and high birth weight: implications for childhood obesity.Academic Article Why?
Peer violence perpetration among urban adolescents: dispelling the myth of the violent immigrant.Academic Article Why?
Pilot evaluation of a health promotion program for African immigrant and refugee women: the UJAMBO Program.Academic Article Why?
Relevance of the "Immigrant Health Paradox" for the Health of Arab Americans in California.Academic Article Why?
The immigrant paradox: immigrants are less antisocial than native-born Americans.Academic Article Why?
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