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Dental needs assessment and access to care for adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Sample and design considerations in post-disaster mental health needs assessment tracking surveys.Academic Article Why?
Needs Assessment of HCV-Infected Individuals Experiencing Homelessness and Implications.Academic Article Why?
Dental Needs Assessment in Rural Mountain Villages of the Dominican RepublicAcademic Article Why?
Needs assessment with elder Syrian refugees in Lebanon: Implications for services and interventions.Academic Article Why?
Preliminary needs assessment of mobile technology use for healthcare among homeless veterans.Academic Article Why?
The heart truth professional education campaign on women and heart disease: needs assessment and evaluation results.Academic Article Why?
Needs AssessmentConcept Why?
Needs Assessment Among Women with HIV and AIDSGrant Why?
Community-Based Needs Assessment of Neurodevelopment, Caregiver, and Home Environment Factors in Young Children Affected by HIV in Lima, Peru.Academic Article Why?
Supporting the education goals of post-9/11 veterans with self-reported PTSD symptoms: a needs assessment.Academic Article Why?
Perlman, StevenPerson Why?
A mental health needs assessment of children and adolescents in post-conflict Liberia: results from a quantitative key-informant survey.Academic Article Why?
Population-based needs assessment. Bringing public health to midwifery practice.Academic Article Why?
Garg, ArvinPerson Why?
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