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Improving clinical productivity in the academic setting: a novel incentive plan based on utility theory.Academic Article Why?
Hospital capital and operating costs.Academic Article Why?
Correlation Between Air Pollution and Socio-economic Factors in Los Angeles CountyAcademic Article Why?
Dietary and socio-economic factors associated with beriberi in breastfed Lao infants.Academic Article Why?
Economic conditions and suicide rates in New York City.Academic Article Why?
Certificate of need and low capital-cost medical technology.Academic Article Why?
Social Capital is Associated With Late HIV Diagnosis: An Ecological Analysis.Academic Article Why?
Perlman, StevenPerson Why?
Growth, acid production and bacteriocin production by probiotic candidates under simulated colonic conditions.Academic Article Why?
Another perspective on concerns regarding dental economics.Academic Article Why?
Dental Economics and the Increasing Hispanic Population in the U.S. and New York State.Academic Article Why?
Ethics, Economics and Dentistry for Individuals with Disabilities in New York State.Academic Article Why?
Financial incentives for healthy behavior: ethical safeguards for behavioral economics.Academic Article Why?
Fulfilling the health care economics milestones: adopting an online curriculum for radiology residency programs.Academic Article Why?
Health, economics, and the 2012 G8 Summit.Academic Article Why?
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