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Cost-benefit analysis: caveat emptor.Academic Article Why?
Economic evaluation of HCV testing approaches in low and middle income countries.Academic Article Why?
Meyer-Rath, GesinePerson Why?
Linas, BenjaminPerson Why?
Losina, ElenaPerson Why?
Cost-benefit analysis of a hospital pharmacy bar code solution.Academic Article Why?
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Transitional Care in Neurosurgery.Academic Article Why?
Cost-benefit analysis: intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring in spinal surgeries.Academic Article Why?
Economic evaluation of caffeine for apnea of prematurity.Academic Article Why?
Occupational health values in the Supreme Court: cost-benefit analysis.Academic Article Why?
Ultrapure versus standard dialysate: A cost-benefit analysis.Academic Article Why?
Cost-benefit analysis and prediction of 24-hour proteinuria from the spot urine protein-creatinine ratio.Academic Article Why?
Routine human immunodeficiency virus testing: an economic evaluation of current guidelines.Academic Article Why?
Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Age One Dental Visit for the Privately Insured.Academic Article Why?
Larson, BrucePerson Why?
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