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Limb dystonia following electrical injury.Academic Article Why?
Nocturnal Paroxysmal DystoniaConcept Why?
Does ulnar neuropathy predispose to focal dystonia?Academic Article Why?
Haplotype analysis at the DYT1 locus in Ashkenazi Jewish patients with occupational hand dystonia.Academic Article Why?
Laryngeal dystonia.Academic Article Why?
Brain mapping in musicians with task-specific focal dystoniaAcademic Article Why?
A heteroplasmic mitochondrial complex I gene mutation in adult-onset dystonia.Academic Article Why?
Acoustic Model of Perceived Overall Severity of Dysphonia in Adductor-Type Laryngeal Dystonia.Academic Article Why?
Bach, botox, and butterflies: toward an awareness of musician's dystonia.Academic Article Why?
Brain mapping in musicians with focal task-specific dystonia.Academic Article Why?
Brain surgery for musician''s dystonia.Academic Article Why?
Clinical and demographic characteristics related to onset site and spread of cervical dystonia.Academic Article Why?
Clinicopathological Correlates in a PRNP P102L Mutation Carrier with Rapidly Progressing Parkinsonism-dystonia.Academic Article Why?
Post-traumatic shoulder dystonia in an active duty soldier.Academic Article Why?
Progression of focal task-specific dystonia in musiciansAcademic Article Why?
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