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The impact of domestic violence exposure on South Asian children in the United States: Perspectives of domestic violence agency staff.Academic Article Why?
Differences between U.S. substance abuse treatment facilities that do and do not offer domestic violence services.Academic Article Why?
Domestic violence and alcohol use: trauma-related symptoms and motives for drinking.Academic Article Why?
Domestic violence and out-of-hospital providers: a potential resource to protect battered women.Academic Article Why?
Domestic violence in the pregnant patient: obstetric and behavioral interventions.Academic Article Why?
Domestic violence in women with PTSD and substance abuse.Academic Article Why?
Emergency assessments of domestic violence, sexual dangerousness, and elder and child abuse.Academic Article Why?
Enhanced cortisol suppression following dexamethasone administration in domestic violence survivors.Academic Article Why?
Family violence: an overview.Academic Article Why?
First-year medical students' knowledge of, attitudes toward, and personal histories of family violence.Academic Article Why?
Identifying domestic violence in primary care practice.Academic Article Why?
New England, USA dental professionals' attitudes and behaviours regarding domestic violence.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric residency training on domestic violence: a national survey.Academic Article Why?
Personal exposure of faculty and medical students to family violence.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence of domestic violence in an inpatient female population.Academic Article Why?
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