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Use of a virtual world computer environment for international distance education: lessons from a pilot project using Second Life.Academic Article Why?
Wiecha, JohnPerson Why?
. The effects of synchronized distance education on academic achievement in a physician assistant program. J Physician Assist Educ 2009; 20, 17-21Academic Article Why?
The effects of synchronized distance education (SDE) on anxiety, depression, and academic achievement in first year doctor of pharmacy students in an accelerated curriculumAcademic Article Why?
An interactive web-based curriculum on evidence-based medicine: design and effectiveness.Academic Article Why?
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Behavior Regulation and Virtual School Support.Academic Article Why?
Collaborative online learning: a new approach to distance CME.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of the Spirometry 360 Quality Improvement Program for Improving Asthma Care: A Cluster Randomized Trial.Academic Article Why?
HEAL: an instructional design model applied to an online clerkship in family medicine.Academic Article Why?
Long-term impact of four different strategies for delivering an on-line curriculum about herbs and other dietary supplements.Academic Article Why?
No clinic left behind: providing cost-effective in-services via distance learning.Academic Article Why?
On your time: online training for the public health workforce.Academic Article Why?
Online "spaced education progress-testing" of students to confront two upcoming challenges to medical schools.Academic Article Why?
Phone-Delivered Mindfulness Training for Pregnant Women at Risk for Preterm Birth.Academic Article Why?
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