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Kressin, NancyPerson Why?
Hanchate, AmreshPerson Why?
Levy, JonathanPerson Why?
Galea, SandroPerson Why?
Health disparities and cancer: racial disparities in cancer mortality in the United States, 2000-2010.Academic Article Why?
Battaglia, TracyPerson Why?
A Tale of Two Patients: Patient-Centered Approaches to Adherence as a Gateway to Reducing Disparities.Academic Article Why?
Race/ethnicity identification: vital for disparities research, quality improvement, and much more than "meets the eye".Academic Article Why?
Understanding contributors to racial disparities in blood pressure control.Academic Article Why?
Paasche-Orlow, MichaelPerson Why?
Boehmer, UlrikePerson Why?
Mapping the geography of child mortality: a key step in addressing disparities.Academic Article Why?
Bhutta, ZulfiqarPerson Why?
Lasser, KarenPerson Why?
Changing corporate practices to reduce cancer disparities.Academic Article Why?
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