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Pigmentation DisordersConcept Why?
Bhawan, JagPerson Why?
Localization of malanin pigmentation in the skin with Wood's lamp.Academic Article Why?
25% cluster.Academic Article Why?
A clinical, histopathologic, and outcome study of melanonychia striata in childhood.Academic Article Why?
Amalgam tattoo.Academic Article Why?
Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma with porokeratosis-like lesions.Academic Article Why?
Earring-induced localized iron tattoo.Academic Article Why?
Mel-5: a novel antibody for differential diagnosis of epidermal pigmented lesions of the skin in paraffin-embedded sections.Academic Article Why?
Minocycline-induced staining of the oral cavity.Academic Article Why?
The late appearance of hypopigmented maculae in tuberous sclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Topical chemotherapy of pigment abnormalities in surgical patients.Academic Article Why?
Noonan, VikkiPerson Why?
Perloff, MichaelPerson Why?
Vashi, NeelamPerson Why?
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