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Kurosawa, ShinichiroPerson Why?
Sorensen, HenrikPerson Why?
Amyloid-ß peptide protects against microbial infection in mouse and worm models of Alzheimer''s disease.Academic Article Why?
Peroral infection with group B coxsackievirus in the newborn mouse: a model for human infection.Academic Article Why?
CD4 T cell immunity is critical for the control of simian varicella virus infection in a nonhuman primate model of VZV infection.Academic Article Why?
Simian varicella virus infection of rhesus macaques recapitulates essential features of varicella zoster virus infection in humans.Academic Article Why?
Feline model of acute nipah virus infection and protection with a soluble glycoprotein-based subunit vaccine.Academic Article Why?
Animal chamber models for study of host-parasite interactions.Academic Article Why?
Individual-based simulation models of HIV transmission: reporting quality and recommendations.Academic Article Why?
A mouse model for pathogen-induced chronic inflammation at local and systemic sites.Academic Article Why?
Application of capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography multiple-step tandem electrospray mass spectrometry to profile glycoform expression during Haemophilus influenzae pathogenesis in the chinchilla model of experimental otitis media.Academic Article Why?
Combination immunotherapy with soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors plus interleukin 1 receptor antagonist decreases sepsis mortality.Academic Article Why?
Diphosphonium ionic liquids as broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents.Academic Article Why?
Galea, SandroPerson Why?
Ikezu, TsuneyaPerson Why?
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