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Solomons, NoelPerson Why?
Effects of diet and exercise on metabolic disturbances in high-fat diet-fed mice.Academic Article Why?
Apovian, CarolinePerson Why?
Effects of the Atkins diet vs. a Low Fat diet on Endothelial functionGrant Why?
Rats fed diets with different energy contribution from fat do not differ in adiposity.Academic Article Why?
Diet and physical activity patterns of school-aged children.Academic Article Why?
A low-glycemic index diet in the treatment of pediatric obesity.Academic Article Why?
Low iodine content in the diets of hospitalized preterm infants.Academic Article Why?
Sources of sodium, potassium, and energy in the diets of adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Moore, LynnPerson Why?
Aggressive diets and lipid responses.Academic Article Why?
Concordance of diets and eating practices in a rural Guatemalan setting with the cancer prevention recommendations of the World Cancer Research Fund: estimates from existing dietary intake.Academic Article Why?
Sources of fat, fatty acids, and cholesterol in the diets of adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Tryptophan and high-carbohydrate diets as adjuncts to smoking cessation therapy.Academic Article Why?
Diet-induced obesity and diet-resistant rats: differences in the rewarding and anorectic effects of D-amphetamine.Academic Article Why?
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