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Sorensen, HenrikPerson Why?
Mantzoros, ChristosPerson Why?
Steenkamp, DevinPerson Why?
Apovian, CarolinePerson Why?
Dupuis, JoseePerson Why?
Van Dyke, ThomasPerson Why?
The Relationship between Diabetes-Related Complications and Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Type 2 Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Diabetes-specific nutrition algorithm: a transcultural program to optimize diabetes and prediabetes care.Academic Article Why?
Diabetes-induced oxidative stress is mediated by Ca2+-independent phospholipase A2 in neutrophils.Academic Article Why?
Health Systems Approaches to Diabetes Screening and Prevention in Women with a History of Gestational Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Postpartum diabetes screening in women with a history of gestational diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Roy, SayonPerson Why?
Palmer, JuliePerson Why?
Ramachandran, VasanPerson Why?
Risk of diabetes complications among those with diabetes receiving androgen deprivation therapy for localized prostate cancer.Academic Article Why?
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