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The current state of dermatology training: a national survey of graduating dermatology residents.Academic Article Why?
Larson, AllisonPerson Why?
Dermatology Marie-France Demierre Award for Humanism in DermatologyAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Vashi, NeelamPerson Why?
Falanga, VincentPerson Why?
Ethical considerations in dermatology residency.Academic Article Why?
The Journal of Investigative Dermatology: new developments effective 1 January 2013.Academic Article Why?
The role of mandated research during dermatology residency training.Academic Article Why?
Trends in Gender of Speakers at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting, 2010-2018.Academic Article Why?
[Dermatology and the Internet--uses for the clinic and research].Academic Article Why?
Academic dermatology manpower: issues of recruitment and retention.Academic Article Why?
Annual award to acknowledge original studies by dermatology trainees.Academic Article Why?
Clinical research in dermatology: 10 steps to getting started.Academic Article Why?
Dermatology and anatomy laboratory: comparing three formats of integration.Academic Article Why?
Recognizing psoriatic arthritis in the dermatology clinic.Academic Article Why?
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