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Promoting Health Equity through De-Implementation Research.Academic Article Why?
Promoting de-implementation of inappropriate antimicrobial use in cardiac device procedures by expanding audit and feedback: protocol for hybrid III type effectiveness/implementation quasi-experimental study.Academic Article Why?
Linsky, AmyPerson Why?
Engaging patients in antimicrobial stewardship: co-designed educational tool to improve periprocedural care through de-implementation of guideline-discordant antimicrobial use.Academic Article Why?
De-implementation of inappropriately tight control (of hypoglycemia) for health: protocol with an example of a research grant application.Academic Article Why?
Drainoni, Mari-LynnPerson Why?
Elwy, A. RaniPerson Why?
Development and implementation of collaborative care for depression in HIV clinics.Academic Article Why?
Mental Health Providers'' Decision-Making Around the Implementation of Evidence-Based Treatment for PTSD.Academic Article Why?
Development and implementation of an electronic Clinical Dementia Rating and Financial Capacity Instrument-Short Form.Academic Article Why?
Promoting implementation of deployment-ready psychosocial interventions.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of Objective PASC-Derived Taxon Demarcation Criteria for Official Classification of Filoviruses.Academic Article Why?
Integrated Management of Physician-delivered Alcohol Care for Tuberculosis Patients: Design and Implementation.Academic Article Why?
Design and implementation of the human development center (HDC) at USAF Medical Center Keesler.Academic Article Why?
Design to Implementation Study for Development and Patient Validation of Paper-Based Toehold Switch Diagnostics.Academic Article Why?
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