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Smoking-Related DNA Methylation is Associated with DNA Methylation Phenotypic Age Acceleration: The Veterans Affairs Normative Aging Study.Academic Article Why?
Accelerated DNA methylation age and the use of antihypertensive medication among older adults.Academic Article Why?
Accelerated DNA Methylation Age: Associations With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Mortality.Academic Article Why?
Accelerated DNA methylation age: Associations with PTSD and neural integrity.Academic Article Why?
Aging and epigenetics: longitudinal changes in gene-specific DNA methylation.Academic Article Why?
Air pollution and DNA methylation: interaction by psychological factors in the VA Normative Aging Study.Academic Article Why?
Air pollution during pregnancy and placental adaptation in the levels of global DNA methylation.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol and nicotine codependence-associated DNA methylation changes in promoter regions of addiction-related genes.Academic Article Why?
Allergen sensitization is associated with increased DNA methylation in older men.Academic Article Why?
Alzheimer's disease: early alterations in brain DNA methylation at ANK1, BIN1, RHBDF2 and other loci.Academic Article Why?
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