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Accelerated DNA methylation age: Associations with PTSD and neural integrity.Academic Article Why?
Aging and epigenetics: longitudinal changes in gene-specific DNA methylation.Academic Article Why?
Air pollution and DNA methylation: interaction by psychological factors in the VA Normative Aging Study.Academic Article Why?
Allergen sensitization is associated with increased DNA methylation in older men.Academic Article Why?
Array-based profiling of DNA methylation changes associated with alcohol dependence.Academic Article Why?
Arsenic exposure and DNA methylation among elderly men.Academic Article Why?
Association between blood pressure and DNA methylation of retrotransposons and pro-inflammatory genes.Academic Article Why?
Biomarkers of lead exposure and DNA methylation within retrotransposons.Academic Article Why?
Comprehensive DNA methylation analysis of hepatitis B virus genome in infected liver tissues.Academic Article Why?
Decline in genomic DNA methylation through aging in a cohort of elderly subjects.Academic Article Why?
Detection of global DNA methylation and paternally imprinted H19 gene methylation in preeclamptic placentas.Academic Article Why?
Differential DNA methylation and PM2.5 species in a 450K epigenome-wide association study.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation age of blood predicts all-cause mortality in later life.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation and histone modification profiles of mouse organic anion transporting polypeptides.Academic Article Why?
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