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Hitting the "target" in health care cost control.Academic Article Why?
Strategic choices for cost containment under a reformed U.S. health care system.Academic Article Why?
Health Care Cost Control Is Hard, and HumblingAcademic Article Why?
Health Care for All Requires Cost ControlAcademic Article Why?
Make Doctors Agents of Health Care Cost ControlsAcademic Article Why?
Marrying Regulatory and Competitive Approaches to Health Care Cost ContainmentAcademic Article Why?
Marrying regulatory and competitive approaches to health care cost containment.Academic Article Why?
Senate Dysfunction and Health Care Cost Control: In Private Sector We Trust?Academic Article Why?
Workers' Compensation Health Care Cost-Containment (J. Greenwood, A. Taricco, eds.)Academic Article Why?
What is the role of the radiologist in holding down health care cost growth?Academic Article Why?
Jha, Ashish KumarPerson Why?
Contribution of preventable acute care spending to total spending for high-cost Medicare patients.Academic Article Why?
Kreger, BernardPerson Why?
Preventable acute care spending for medicare patients-reply.Academic Article Why?
Frakt, AustinPerson Why?
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