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Concussion reporting intention: a valuable metric for predicting reporting behavior and evaluating concussion education.Academic Article Why?
Utility of providing a concussion definition in the assessment of concussion history in former NFL players.Academic Article Why?
Self-reported concussion history: impact of providing a definition of concussion.Academic Article Why?
Stern, RobertPerson Why?
Daneshvar, DanielPerson Why?
Long-term consequences: effects on normal development profile after concussion.Academic Article Why?
Concussion Care Practices and Utilization of Evidence-Based Guidelines in the Evaluation and Management of Concussion: A Survey of New England Emergency Departments.Academic Article Why?
Concussion management in United States college sports: compliance with National Collegiate Athletic Association concussion policy and areas for improvement.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Practices in Collegiate Concussion Management.Academic Article Why?
Content, Delivery, and Effectiveness of Concussion Education for US College Coaches.Academic Article Why?
Determinants of Coach Communication About Concussion Safety in US Collegiate Sport.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of the SLICE program for youth concussion education.Academic Article Why?
Helmets and mouth guards: the role of personal equipment in preventing sport-related concussions.Academic Article Why?
NCAA concussion education in ice hockey: an ineffective mandate.Academic Article Why?
Perceived coach support and concussion symptom-reporting: differences between freshmen and non-freshmen college football players.Academic Article Why?
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