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Point-of-Care Ultrasound Use, Accuracy, and Impact on Clinical Decision Making in Rwanda Hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Predictive Glucose Trends From Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Friend or Foe in Clinical Decision Making?Academic Article Why?
Bringing social structure back into clinical decision making.Academic Article Why?
Bronchiolitis, deception in research, and clinical decision making.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Decision Making in an Era of DRG-Based Prospective Payment (Guest Editorial)Academic Article Why?
Clinical decision making.Academic Article Why?
Conference: The 30th Annual Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision MakingAcademic Article Why?
Effect of nucleic acid amplification for Mycobacterium tuberculosis on clinical decision making in suspected extrapulmonary tuberculosis.Academic Article Why?
How narrative-based approaches distort medical decision-making.Academic Article Why?
Medical decision making in patients with knee pain, meniscal tear, and osteoarthritis.Academic Article Why?
Medical Remedies and Human Rights: Why Civil Rights Lawyers Must Become Involved in Medical Decision MakingAcademic Article Why?
Nonmedical influences on medical decision making: an experimental technique using videotapes, factorial design, and survey sampling.Academic Article Why?
Novel risk factors for atrial fibrillation: useful for risk prediction and clinical decision making?Academic Article Why?
Older Adult Perspectives on Medical Decision Making and Emergency General Surgery: "It had to be Done."Academic Article Why?
Pediatricians' clinical decision making: results of 2 randomized controlled trials of test performance characteristics.Academic Article Why?
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