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An official American Thoracic Society workshop report: Climate change and human health.Academic Article Why?
An Overview of Occupational Risks From Climate Change.Academic Article Why?
Climate change and global child health: what can paediatricians do?Academic Article Why?
Climate Change as a Social Determinant of Health.Academic Article Why?
Climate change threatens the achievement of effective universal healthcare.Academic Article Why?
Climate change, aeroallergens, and pediatric allergic disease.Academic Article Why?
Climate change: a continuing threat to the health of the world''s population.Academic Article Why?
Cool but dangerous: How climate change is increasing the risk of airborne infections.Academic Article Why?
Do Climate Change Policies Promote or Conflict with Subjective Wellbeing: A Case Study of Suzhou, China.Academic Article Why?
Double Environmental Injustice - Climate Change, Hurricane Dorian, and the Bahamas.Academic Article Why?
Exploring the Climate Change, Migration and Conflict Nexus.Academic Article Why?
Impact of climate change on heat-related mortality in Jiangsu Province, China.Academic Article Why?
Interactions of Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Human Health.Academic Article Why?
Modeling of regional climate change effects on ground-level ozone and childhood asthma.Academic Article Why?
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