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Identification of transcription complexes that contain the double bromodomain protein Brd2 and chromatin remodeling machines.Academic Article Why?
Requirement for chromatin-remodeling complex in novel tumor suppressor HIC1-mediated transcriptional repression and growth control.Academic Article Why?
p63 regulates Satb1 to control tissue-specific chromatin remodeling during development of the epidermis.Academic Article Why?
Retinoic acid inhibition of chromatin remodeling at the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 promoter. Uncoupling of histone acetylation and chromatin remodeling.Academic Article Why?
A lentiviral functional proteomics approach identifies chromatin remodeling complexes important for the induction of pluripotency.Academic Article Why?
An ikaros-containing chromatin-remodeling complex in adult-type erythroid cells.Academic Article Why?
HTL1 encodes a novel factor that interacts with the RSC chromatin remodeling complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Academic Article Why?
Ikaros chromatin remodeling complexes in the control of differentiation of the hemo-lymphoid system.Academic Article Why?
Ikaros DNA-binding proteins direct formation of chromatin remodeling complexes in lymphocytes.Academic Article Why?
Chromatin Assembly and DisassemblyConcept Why?
Cocaine-induced chromatin remodeling increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor transcription in the rat medial prefrontal cortex, which alters the reinforcing efficacy of cocaine.Academic Article Why?
The Molecular Revolution in Cutaneous Biology: Chromosomal Territories, Higher-Order Chromatin Remodeling, and the Control of Gene Expression in Keratinocytes.Academic Article Why?
Negative elongation factor (NELF) coordinates RNA polymerase II pausing, premature termination, and chromatin remodeling to regulate HIV transcription.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of chromosome stability by the histone H2A variant Htz1, the Swr1 chromatin remodeling complex, and the histone acetyltransferase NuA4.Academic Article Why?
Botchkarev, VladimirPerson Why?
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