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A microfluidic Transwell to study chemotaxis.Academic Article Why?
Association of an abnormality of neutrophil chemotaxis in human periodontal disease with a cell surface protein.Academic Article Why?
Bacterial chemotaxis controls the catabolite repression of flagellar biogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Comparative stimulation of granulocyte adherence and chemotaxis by bacterial products.Academic Article Why?
Defective chemotaxis and calcium response in localized juvenile periodontitis neutrophils.Academic Article Why?
Effect of bacterial products on neutrophil chemotaxis.Academic Article Why?
Electron acceptor taxis and blue light effect on bacterial chemotaxis.Academic Article Why?
Hydrogen peroxide-mediated, lysyl oxidase-dependent chemotaxis of vascular smooth muscle cells.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of neutrophil chemotaxis by soluble bacterial products.Academic Article Why?
Neutrophil chemotaxis dysfunction in human periodontitis.Academic Article Why?
Neutrophil chemotaxis impairment in juvenile periodontitis: evaluation of specificity, adherence, deformability, and serum factors.Academic Article Why?
Neutrophil chemotaxis in families with localized juvenile periodontitis.Academic Article Why?
Neutrophil chemotaxis in individuals with advanced periodontal disease and a genetic predisposition to diabetes mellitus.Academic Article Why?
Neutrophil surface protein markers as indicators of defective chemotaxis in LJP.Academic Article Why?
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