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Association between vitamin D deficiency and primary cesarean section.Academic Article Why?
Delivery of the low birthweight and the very low birthweight breech: cesarean section or vaginal delivery?Academic Article Why?
Effect of gravity on the spread of extradural anaesthesia for caesarean section.Academic Article Why?
Lateral position and epidural anesthesia for cesarean section.Academic Article Why?
Live births, cesarean sections and the development of menstrual abnormalities.Academic Article Why?
Low risk of post-cesarean section infection in insulin-requiring diabetic women.Academic Article Why?
Medically unnecessary cesarean section births: introduction to a symposium.Academic Article Why?
Midwifery care and out-of-hospital birth settings: how do they reduce unnecessary cesarean section births?Academic Article Why?
Perimortem Cesarean section in the helicopter EMS setting: a case report.Academic Article Why?
Preoxygenation for cesarean section: a comparison of two techniques.Academic Article Why?
Serum concentration of alpha 1-acid glycoprotein and albumin following cesarean section and vaginal delivery.Academic Article Why?
The influence of the obstetrician in the relationship between epidural analgesia and cesarean section for dystocia.Academic Article Why?
Declercq, EugenePerson Why?
[Perinatal mortality after previous cesarean section].Academic Article Why?
Chinkam, SomphitPerson Why?
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