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[Effectiveness and health economic analysis of strategies on cervical cancer screening and early diagnosis and treatment].Academic Article Why?
[Epidemiologic evaluation of precursors of cervix cancer, early diagnosis and treatment].Academic Article Why?
A community-based education program about cervical cancer improves knowledge and screening behavior in Honduran women.Academic Article Why?
Barriers to cervical cancer screening and follow-up care among Black Women in Massachusetts.Academic Article Why?
Celebrating the ACP Centennial: From the Annals Archive--Cervical Cancer Screening.Academic Article Why?
Cervical cancer in Ethiopia: survival of 1,059 patients who received oncologic therapy.Academic Article Why?
Cervical cancer in women with comprehensive health care access: attributable factors in the screening process.Academic Article Why?
Cervical Cancer Incidence Among Elderly Women in Massachusetts Compared With Younger Women.Academic Article Why?
Cervical cancer prevention in the 21st century: cost is not the only issue.Academic Article Why?
Challenges in cervical cancer prevention: a survey of U.S. obstetrician-gynecologists.Academic Article Why?
Current guidelines for cervical cancer screening.Academic Article Why?
Determinants of sexual activity and its relation to cervical cancer risk among South African women.Academic Article Why?
Eliminating health disparities: innovative methods to improve cervical cancer screening in a medically underserved population.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-Based Consensus Recommendations for Colposcopy Practice for Cervical Cancer Prevention in the United States.Academic Article Why?
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