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Microinfarction as a result of hypertension in a primate model of cerebrovascular disease.Academic Article Why?
Cerebrovascular disease and dementia: a primate model of hypertension and cognition.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular risks of hypertension: lessons from observational studies.Academic Article Why?
Mild induced hypertension improves blood flow and oxygen metabolism in transient focal cerebral ischemia.Academic Article Why?
Antihypertensive therapy increases cerebral blood flow and carotid distensibility in hypertensive elderly subjects.Academic Article Why?
Chronic kidney disease, cerebral blood flow, and white matter volume in hypertensive adults.Academic Article Why?
Epidemiologic assessment of the role of blood pressure in stroke. The Framingham study.Academic Article Why?
Epidemiologic assessment of the role of blood pressure in stroke: the Framingham Study. 1970.Academic Article Why?
Systolic blood pressure, arterial rigidity, and risk of stroke. The Framingham study.Academic Article Why?
Dynamic regulation of middle cerebral artery blood flow velocity in aging and hypertension.Academic Article Why?
The impact of hypertension on cerebral perfusion and cortical thickness in older adults.Academic Article Why?
Black-white differences in stroke incidence in a national sample. The contribution of hypertension and diabetes mellitus.Academic Article Why?
Association between white matter microstructure, executive functions, and processing speed in older adults: the impact of vascular health.Academic Article Why?
Neuropathology of progressive cognitive decline in chronically hypertensive rhesus monkeys.Academic Article Why?
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