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Cell-mediated immunity in infertility.Academic Article Why?
Cross-matching assays of cell-mediated immunity for transplant patients.Academic Article Why?
Implications of blood contamination for assessment of local cellular immunity in the endocervix.Academic Article Why?
Optimized assay for antisperm cell-mediated immunity.Academic Article Why?
Osteopontin (Eta-1) in cell-mediated immunity: teaching an old dog new tricks.Academic Article Why?
Antifertility effects of antisperm cell-mediated immunity in mice.Academic Article Why?
CD8+ cellular immunity mediates rAd5 vaccine protection against Ebola virus infection of nonhuman primates.Academic Article Why?
Cell-mediated immunity and infertilityAcademic Article Why?
Cellular immunity to cancerAcademic Article Why?
Cytokines in Cell Mediated ImmunityAcademic Article Why?
Macrophages induce cellular immunity by activating Th1 cell responses and suppressing Th2 cell responses.Academic Article Why?
Immunity, CellularConcept Why?
Cell mediated immunity (CMI) and post transplant viral infections--role of a functional immune assay to titrate immunosuppression.Academic Article Why?
Cellular immunity in chronic ophthalmic disorders. 3. Leukocyte migration inhibition in uveitis.Academic Article Why?
Contribution of serum inhibitory factors and immune cellular defects to the depressed cell-mediated immunity in patients with head and neck cancer.Academic Article Why?
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