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ARFGEF2 knockdown enhances TNF-a induced endothelial expression of the cell adhesion molecules VCAM1 and ICAM1Academic Article Why?
Cell Adhesion MoleculesConcept Why?
Cell Adhesion Molecules, Neuron-GliaConcept Why?
Cell Adhesion Molecules, NeuronalConcept Why?
Neural Cell Adhesion MoleculesConcept Why?
L1 antibodies block lymph node fibroblastic reticular matrix remodeling in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Melanoma cell-cell interactions are mediated through heterophilic Mel-CAM/ligand adhesion.Academic Article Why?
Rahimi, NaderPerson Why?
A new Kupffer cell receptor mediating plasma clearance of carcinoembryonic antigen by the rat.Academic Article Why?
A prominent role for DC-SIGN+ dendritic cells in initiation and dissemination of measles virus infection in non-human primates.Academic Article Why?
Actin polymerization in differentiated vascular smooth muscle cells requires vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein.Academic Article Why?
Adhesion molecules and cellular biomechanical changes in acute lung injury: Giles F. Filley Lecture.Academic Article Why?
Air pollution, obesity, genes and cellular adhesion molecules.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol inhibits cell-cell adhesion mediated by human L1.Academic Article Why?
An alcohol binding site on the neural cell adhesion molecule L1.Academic Article Why?
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