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Role of Akt2 in regulation of metastasis suppressor 1 expression and colorectal cancer metastasis.Academic Article Why?
Thiagalingam, SamPerson Why?
Phosphorylation of PDHA by AMPK Drives TCA Cycle to Promote Cancer Metastasis.Academic Article Why?
SETDB1 regulates SMAD7 expression for breast cancer metastasis.Academic Article Why?
?Np63a regulates Erk signaling via MKP3 to inhibit cancer metastasis.Academic Article Why?
Activin A Signaling Regulates IL13Ra2 Expression to Promote Breast Cancer Metastasis.Academic Article Why?
Identification and Functional Characterization of Novel Genes Involved in Breast Cancer MetastasisGrant Why?
Identification and functional characterization of novel genes involved in breast cancer metastasisGrant Why?
MicroRNA-222 reprogrammed cancer-associated fibroblasts enhance growth and metastasis of breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Targeting IL13Ralpha2 activates STAT6-TP63 pathway to suppress breast cancer lung metastasis.Academic Article Why?
Dysfunctional endothelial cells directly stimulate cancer inflammation and metastasis.Academic Article Why?
Thermal tumor ablation therapy for colorectal cancer hepatic metastasis.Academic Article Why?
Sorensen, HenrikPerson Why?
Site of metastasis and breast cancer mortality: a Danish nationwide registry-based cohort study.Academic Article Why?
Hepatic resection for metastasis from colorectal cancer.Academic Article Why?
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