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Burnout, ProfessionalConcept Why?
Mohr, DavidPerson Why?
A Qualitative Analysis of Stress and Relaxation Themes Contributing to Burnout in First-Year Psychiatry and Medicine Residents.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of Physician Sleep and Wellness, Burnout, and Clinically Significant Medical Errors.Academic Article Why?
Burden in caregivers of cognitively impaired elderly adults at time of hospitalization: a cross-sectional analysis.Academic Article Why?
Burnout: Lewin's Heuristic, Athletes' Preparation, and Unionization.Academic Article Why?
Canaries in the Health Care Coal Mines.Academic Article Why?
Career satisfaction and retention of a sample of women physicians who work reduced hours.Academic Article Why?
Cross-sectional survey of workplace stressors associated with physician burnout measured by the Mini-Z and the Maslach Burnout Inventory.Academic Article Why?
Effects of war exposure on air force personnel''s mental health, job burnout and other organizational related outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Examining burnout profiles in relation to health and well-being in the Veterans Health Administration employee population.Academic Article Why?
From Medical Student to Practicing Physician: Promoting Well-Being in the Learning Continuum.Academic Article Why?
Group Self-Reflection to Address Burnout: A Facilitator''s Guide.Academic Article Why?
I Am Not Burned Out.Academic Article Why?
Improving Provider Experience and Increasing Patient Access Through Nurse Practitioner-Physician Primary Care Teams.Academic Article Why?
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