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Grinstaff, MarkPerson Why?
Stevenson Biomaterials Lecturer, Syracuse Biomaterials Institute, Syracuse UniversityAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Macrophage polarization: an opportunity for improved outcomes in biomaterials and regenerative medicine.Academic Article Why?
Chou, Laisheng (Lee)Person Why?
Biodendrimers: new polymeric biomaterials for tissue engineering.Academic Article Why?
Crosslinked alpha-elastin biomaterials: towards a processable elastin mimetic scaffold.Academic Article Why?
Dendritic macromers as in situ polymerizing biomaterials for securing cataract incisions.Academic Article Why?
Magnetic forces and magnetized biomaterials provide dynamic flux information during bone regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Peptide interfacial biomaterials improve endothelial cell adhesion and spreading on synthetic polyglycolic acid materials.Academic Article Why?
Synthetic Biomaterials from Metabolically Derived Synthons.Academic Article Why?
Biocompatible MaterialsConcept Why?
Coated Materials, BiocompatibleConcept Why?
The development of peptide-based interfacial biomaterials for generating biological functionality on the surface of bioinert materials.Academic Article Why?
Characterization of plasma proteins adsorbed onto biomaterials. By MALDI-TOFMS.Academic Article Why?
Active agents, biomaterials, and technologies to improve biolubrication and strengthen soft tissues.Academic Article Why?
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