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Precursors of colorectal carcinoma. Biopsy and biologic markers.Academic Article Why?
An entropy-based nonparametric test for the validation of surrogate endpoints.Academic Article Why?
Echocardiography and risk prediction in advanced heart failure: incremental value over clinical markers.Academic Article Why?
Enhanced Laws textures: A potential MRI surrogate marker of hepatic fibrosis in a murine model.Academic Article Why?
Laboratory markers of coagulation activation.Academic Article Why?
Pre-diagnosis plasma immune markers and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in two prospective cohort studies.Academic Article Why?
Prognostic immune markers in non-small cell lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Surrogate markers: back to the future.Academic Article Why?
Bactericidal activity in whole blood as a potential surrogate marker of immunity after vaccination against tuberculosis.Academic Article Why?
Biomarkers in cardiovascular disease: Statistical assessment and section on key novel heart failure biomarkers.Academic Article Why?
Cross-Disciplinary Biomarkers Research: Lessons Learned by the CKD Biomarkers Consortium.Academic Article Why?
Predictive validity of biochemical biomarkers in knee osteoarthritis: data from the FNIH OA Biomarkers Consortium.Academic Article Why?
Biochemical markers of bone turnover and their association with bone marrow lesions.Academic Article Why?
Bone mineral density and biochemical markers of bone turnover in healthy elderly men and women.Academic Article Why?
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