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Enhancing self-report assessment of PTSD: development of an item bank.Academic Article Why?
Automated classification of psychotherapy note text: implications for quality assessment in PTSD care.Academic Article Why?
Psychophysiological assessment of PTSD: a potential research domain criteria construct.Academic Article Why?
Validation of the use of video teleconferencing technology in the assessment of PTSD.Academic Article Why?
Cross cultural issues in the assessment of PTSDAcademic Article Why?
Guidelines for the forensic psychological assessment of PTSD claimantsAcademic Article Why?
Assessment of PTSD and its Comorbidities in AdultsAcademic Article Why?
Issues in the assessment of PTSD in military personnelAcademic Article Why?
Assessment of PTSD and its comorbidities in adultsAcademic Article Why?
Assessment of PTSD in clinical and research settingsAcademic Article Why?
Psychological assessment of PTSDAcademic Article Why?
Marx, BrianPerson Why?
Participant reactions to a pretreatment research assessment during a treatment outcome study for PTSD.Academic Article Why?
Keane, TerencePerson Why?
Customized computer-based administration of the PCL-5 for the efficient assessment of PTSD: A proof-of-principle study.Academic Article Why?
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