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Digital imaging in anatomic pathology.Academic Article Why?
Anatomic PathologyDivision Why?
Semmel, DanaPerson Why?
Sesamoids and accessory ossicles of the foot: anatomical variability and related pathology.Academic Article Why?
O'Brien, MichaelPerson Why?
Rabies: Treatment and Diagnosis. American Society of Clinical Pathologists Check Sample, Anatomic PathologyAcademic Article Why?
O'Hara, CarlPerson Why?
Pistey, RobertPerson Why?
Association of Directors of Anatomic Pathology. Recommendations for Reporting of Resected Large Intestinal Carcinomas. Hum. PatholAcademic Article Why?
Xu, HuihongPerson Why?
Marwaha, NitinPerson Why?
Sheahan, KieranPerson Why?
Stancu, MirelaPerson Why?
Huber, BertrandPerson Why?
Cummings, PeterPerson Why?
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