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Airway management in pediatric patients at referring hospitals compared to a receiving tertiary pediatric ICU.Academic Article Why?
Airway management in babies with micrognathia: the case against early distraction.Academic Article Why?
Pretreatment airway management in obstructing carcinoma of the larynx.Academic Article Why?
Airway ManagementConcept Why?
Gonzalez, MauricioPerson Why?
Effect of provision of home-based curative health services by public sector health-care providers on neonatal survival: a community-based cluster-randomised trial in rural Pakistan.Academic Article Why?
Emergency Airway Response Team (EART) Documentation: Criteria, Feasibility, and Usability.Academic Article Why?
Practice guidelines for management of the difficult airway: an updated report by the American Society of Anesthesiologists Task Force on Management of the Difficult Airway.Academic Article Why?
Tumor Debulking in the Management of Laryngeal Cancer Airway Obstruction.Academic Article Why?
Grillone, GregoryPerson Why?
Comprehensive Emergency Airway Response Team (EART) Training and Education: Impact on Team Effectiveness, Personnel Confidence, and Protocol Knowledge.Academic Article Why?
Du, EugeniePerson Why?
Management of laryngeal fractures--a 10-year experience.Academic Article Why?
Respiratory failure.Academic Article Why?
Use of the GlideScopeĀ®-Ranger for pre-hospital intubations by anaesthesia trained emergency physicians - an observational study.Academic Article Why?
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