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Psychological interventions for anxiety in adult primary care patients: A review and recommendations for future research.Academic Article Why?
A Systematic Review of Patient Safety Measures in Adult Primary Care.Academic Article Why?
Pet ownership may attenuate loneliness among older adult primary care patients who live alone.Academic Article Why?
Transition tools and access to adult primary careAcademic Article Why?
Stein, MichaelPerson Why?
Trends in adult visits to primary care physicians in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Violence victimization after HIV infection in a US probability sample of adult patients in primary care.Academic Article Why?
Saitz, RichardPerson Why?
A practical guide to recognition and diagnosis of ADHD in adults in the primary care setting.Academic Article Why?
Aiming for remission in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: The primary care goal.Academic Article Why?
Acute otitis media in adults: a report from the International Primary Care Network.Academic Article Why?
Samet, JeffreyPerson Why?
Barriers to primary care: perceptions of older adults utilizing the ED for nonurgent visits.Academic Article Why?
Optimizing health for complex adults in primary care: current challenges and a way forward.Academic Article Why?
Engagement and Clinical Improvement Among Older Adult Primary Care Patients Using a Mobile Intervention for Depression and Anxiety: Case Studies.Academic Article Why?
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