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Violence, abuse, and asthma in Puerto Rican children.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating exposure to abuse and violence in neurological patients.Academic Article Why?
Relationships among alcohol use, hyperarousal, and marital abuse and violence in Vietnam veterans.Academic Article Why?
The American Academy of Neurology position statement on abuse and violence.Academic Article Why?
Rothman, EmilyPerson Why?
Violence and abuse among HIV-infected women and their children in Zambia: a qualitative study.Academic Article Why?
Adverse behavioral and emotional outcomes from child abuse and witnessed violence.Academic Article Why?
Victims as victimizers: physical aggression by persons with a history of childhood abuse.Academic Article Why?
Hohler, AnnaPerson Why?
Synergistic effects of child abuse and intimate partner violence on depressive symptoms in women.Academic Article Why?
Emergency assessments of domestic violence, sexual dangerousness, and elder and child abuse.Academic Article Why?
Abusers' perceptions of the effect of their intimate partner violence on children.Academic Article Why?
Iverson, KatherinePerson Why?
Musculoskeletal manifestations of physical abuse after intimate partner violence.Academic Article Why?
Combat-related guilt mediates the relations between exposure to combat-related abusive violence and psychiatric diagnoses.Academic Article Why?
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