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Ruderman, NeilPerson Why?
Saha, AsishPerson Why?
Luo, ZhijunPerson Why?
Activation of AMP-activated protein kinase prevents lipotoxicity in retinal pericytes.Academic Article Why?
Acute activation of AMP-activated protein kinase prevents H2O2-induced premature senescence in primary human keratinocytes.Academic Article Why?
Concurrent regulation of AMP-activated protein kinase and SIRT1 in mammalian cells.Academic Article Why?
Hypothalamic AMP-activated protein kinase as a mediator of whole body energy balance.Academic Article Why?
Influence of ghrelin and growth hormone deficiency on AMP-activated protein kinase and hypothalamic lipid metabolism.Academic Article Why?
Omentin prevents myocardial ischemic injury through AMP-activated protein kinase- and Akt-dependent mechanisms.Academic Article Why?
Unraveling the actions of AMP-activated protein kinase in metabolic diseases: Systemic to molecular insights.Academic Article Why?
Cacicedo, JosePerson Why?
Urocortin 2 autocrine/paracrine and pharmacologic effects to activate AMP-activated protein kinase in the heart.Academic Article Why?
AMP-activated protein kinase activators can inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells by multiple mechanisms.Academic Article Why?
Contraction-induced changes in acetyl-CoA carboxylase and 5'-AMP-activated kinase in skeletal muscle.Academic Article Why?
Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids enhance hepatic AMP-activated protein kinase activity in rats.Academic Article Why?
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