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Dupuis, JoseePerson Why?
Steenkamp, DevinPerson Why?
Apovian, CarolinePerson Why?
Dooms, HansPerson Why?
Interrupting the Pathway from Gestational Diabetes Mellitus to Type 2 Diabetes: The Role of Primary Care.Academic Article Why?
Filtration markers as predictors of ESRD and mortality in Southwestern American Indians with type 2 diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Mantzoros, ChristosPerson Why?
Case Study: Weight loss in a patient with type 2 diabetes: Challenges of diabetes management.Academic Article Why?
Association of parental history of type 2 diabetes with age, lifestyle, anthropometric factors, and clinical severity at type 2 diabetes diagnosis: results from the DD2 study.Academic Article Why?
Genetic risk reclassification for type 2 diabetes by age below or above 50 years using 40 type 2 diabetes risk single nucleotide polymorphisms.Academic Article Why?
Posttraumatic stress disorder and incidence of type-2 diabetes: a prospective twin study.Academic Article Why?
Palmer, JuliePerson Why?
Type 1 diabetes in the United kingdom, 1995-2004.Academic Article Why?
The role of autophagy in ß-cell lipotoxicity and type 2 diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Exome sequencing of 20,791 cases of type 2 diabetes and 24,440 controls.Academic Article Why?
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